New Edition: Elementary Principals' Handbook

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The original Principals' Handbook was produced in 1996 by a group of award-winning principals serving on ACSA's Elementary Education Committee. The Handbook became a bestseller, and continues to serve as a resource for California principals. This 2013 edition retains the best of those practices and examples that work as well today as they did 17 years ago, and also includes hundreds of new strategies and samples for 21st century leaders. It is intended as a comprehensive resource for principals, by principals, and offers a wealth of forms, letters, articles, schedules and practical solutions to the everyday challenges that are part of elementary school leadership.

The new handbook includes 300 pages of content PLUS more than 600 additional supplemental letters and forms that can be easily searched, saved, edited and tailored for your school site.

Chapter I: Vision & Mission
Chapter II: Parent Involvement & Engagement
Chapter III: Management, Organization & Balance
Chapter IV: Letters & Communication
Chapter V: Student Behavior, Safety & Culture
Chapter VI: Supervision
Chapter VII: Quality Instruction for Student Learning
Chapter VIII: Intervention & Support
Chapter IX: Additional Resources & Links