Every Student Succeeding: Twenty Years of Inspirational Student Stories

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ACSA believes every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed. On every school day throughout California, dedicated educators and courageous students overcome tremendous challenges to reach their goals. Their success is our success; their powerful stories are our inspiration.

ACSA's Every Student Succeeding program honors students who exceed all expectations and the educators who support them along the way. Each year we are proud to recognize young men and women who have overcome great obstacles to achieve academically and personally, and who show us the true meaning of bravery, resilience and perseverance.

This collection marks the 20th anniversary of the program, which was launched in 1996. We have chosen several stories from each year, stories that stand out in how they move and inspire us, covering a wide range of challenges and outcomes. We finish with 21 stories from our 2016 honorees, as well as an archive of all 390 students and an index of terms.